glow in the dark birthday cake 4

glow in the dark birthday cake 4
graphic glow in the dark birthday cake 4
photograph glow in the dark birthday cake 4

Decorate the party space in neon. Check out this great tutorial at on how to create yards of colorful, glowing bunting. Or, use the same method to create a birthday banner by using black paper instead of neon, then paint the greeting in glow-in-the-dark paint. When the lights go out, the painted letters will glow and appear to be hanging in mid-air as the black fades into the background. Check the instructions and experiment with the paint before use; some take several coats and need to be “charged” in light before the paint will glow. 

Turn out the lights and throw a kid-friendly glow party! Set the tone with a great invite in neon colors, and be sure to tell guests to wear neon or white for a glowing-good time. Hold your bash at night, and even cover the windows to make the party area extra dark. Then, illuminate the scene by replacing regular light bulbs with black light bulbs or free-standing black lights. Kids will love seeing that anything neon-colored or white glows under the black lights, including their teeth! Add glow or LED accessories and scads of glow sticks as party favors to trip the light fantastic!

No glow in the dark party would be complete without glow sticks! Glow sticks can be assembled creatively in a variety of ways. Use as table décor, as did Simply Creative Insanity, or just place them around the room for extra color.

My daughter is turning 30 on the 27th of October,and I'm going to make her a Halloween cake that glows in the dark. My question is how would I get the yellow,and orange,and green to glow. I do know that white fondant and icing will glow with a black light. Will it make a difference if I use a regular black light or an florescent black light.

Paint a wall mural with black Kraft paper and glow paint, like this work of art featured on The Favor Maker. Cut lengths of black paper to fit your wall, and then adorn them with different colors of glow paint. Try splattering the paint, write guests’ names or create a scene. Try using your glow-tastic mural to cover windows. 

It's Friday, folks. What's that mean? Well here at The Kitchn we're letting down our collective hair and taking a look at glow-in-the-dark cupcakes. Wait? What? Oh you heard me. Glow in the dark cupcakes, baby!

Camber was challenged to create a glow-in-the-dark, or rather, glow-in-the-black-light frosting for a party. She discovered that tonic water was the key and although she quickly became a pro at dying white icings with it, the tonic water and colorings wasn't working out so well. She turned to Jello made with the tonic water to help carry the color through and the rest was internet history.

Any way you wish. You can use it to top cupcakes or a layer cake, either simply spread or prettily piped. You can top a cookie with it and then coat it with chocolate, so it's a hi-hat confection with a glow-in-the-dark secret. Basically, any method that will allow you to brush the liquid on top without ruining your confection will work.

When the kids are done dancing, try some fun nighttime activities like a game of glow bowling! In this Kix Cereal tutorial, the author recommends removing the labels from ten water bottles, pouring off a little water from each, and then dropping in activated glow sticks. A soccer ball does the trick as the bowling ball. If little kids have a hard time knocking down the "pins," try using half-full bottles.

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